Partner Initiatives

Scura Paley’s Partner Initiatives Program leverages our strong relationships in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries to provide services to the clients of our Partner firms.

Many accounting and wealth management firms have clients in need of advisory, capital raising or other investment banking services that either go undetected or are provided by firms outside the Partners’ orbit.  Through the Partner Initiatives Program, we coordinate closely with Partner firms to identify such opportunities early on and provide clients a tailored solution that will keep the relationship within the Partner family.

The Partner Initiatives Program utilizes our Partners’ knowledge of their clients, developed through decades of service and fiduciary care, to provide clients the following:

  • Expert and objective advice coupled with unparalleled senior attention to the execution of transactions, the hallmarks of Scura Paley’s approach to investment banking
  • Delivery of investment banking services with the same standards of care and oversight as provided by Partners’ respective accounting and wealth management groups
  • Uncommon consideration of, and sensitivity to, the personal and professional factors underlying each client engagement

For our Partners, the Partner Initiatives Program enhances their ability to offer clients a comprehensive set of financial services, strengthening their reputation and fostering goodwill.  By separating functions but maintaining close coordination between the investment banking and accounting and wealth management services, Partners are also able to preserve their ongoing position as steward of each client relationship.

The Partners Initiatives Program also features an Advisory Board of leaders in the accounting, wealth management and consulting industries.

For more information on joining the Partner Initiatives Program, please contact John Marcus at